CEREC® Seminars Laboratory

Supplementing your workflow from consistent restorations to valuable services.

Your Laboratory Experts

Our lab is focused on providing all doctors with a full range of services to best benefit their practice. Whether you have invested in the full CEREC® system, only use the CEREC® Omnicam intraoral scanner, or have any of the other major scanners, you can trust our lab to supplement your workflow with consistent restorations and additional services. We utilize our CEREC® MC X5 mill for all of our products, including esthetic full-contour zirconia, multi-unit surgical guides, and multi-unit bridges up to full roundhouses. Our value-added services ensure patient satisfaction and include case planning, full-contour design, and stain and glaze techniques. Our founder and educational director, Dr. Sarah Jockin, DDS, is a key opinion leader in digital implantology, which makes our case and treatment planning service highly valuable and thorough. When you choose CEREC® Seminars Dental Lab, you can be confident in every restoration you prescribe and every service you utilize.

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Additional Services

Our team provides CEREC® doctors with valuable resources and services, so that they can get the most out of their investment into the system. We offer our convenient crown in a day service to local clinicians. We also have crown and surgical guide design services for milling doctors who are interested in utilizing highly accurate designs on their own mill.

Our Services

Submitting Your Case

We accept digital cases from all major intraoral scanners. Please follow the link below to view our digital protocols.