Go Digital

Go Digital with CEREC™ Seminars Laboratory

Add a CEREC® Omnicam™ to your practice with no out of pocket expense!

The team at CEREC® Seminars Laboratory is dedicated to being your practice’s resource for high-quality restorations fabricated with the utmost of precision. We believe every clinician should have the opportunity to integrate digital dentistry into their practice, which is why we will place a CEREC® Omnicam™ scanner in your practice, so both you and your patients can experience the benefits of going digital!

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The Benefits of Digital Dentistry

  • Superior Precision
    Intraoral scanners eliminate the risk of poorly taken impressions and allow for a complete digital scan of a patient’s mouth, which ensures proper fit of every restoration.
  • Improved Turnaround
    Utilizing files from intraoral scanners allows our technicians to streamline our workflow. In addition, digital files can be sent directly to a lab, so your practice never has to worry about shipping time.
  • Patient Satisfaction
    Provide your patient with a more comfortable and efficient impression taking experience. The CEREC® Omnicam™ eliminates uncomfortable impression trays that require time to set.
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Terms & Conditions

CEREC® Seminars Laboratory will place a new CEREC® Omnicam™ in your practice, where it will remain as long as one of the following criteria is met:

  • A minimum of 20 units of full-contour zirconia or IPS e.max® is prescribed at a minimum of $129.00/month, resulting in a monthly bill of at least $2,580.00.
  • Your practice’s quarterly balance results in an average of at least $7,740.00.

Should your practice fall short of these thresholds for three consecutive months, CEREC® Seminars Laboratory reserves the right to remove the CEREC® Omnicam™ from your practice.

Limit one CEREC® Omnicam™ per practice. No cash value. When combined with additional, promotional offers, monthly lab bill must still be at least $2,580.00.