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Discover What CEREC® Seminars Laboratory Can Do For Your Practice

Investing in the full CEREC® system can add numerous benefits to your practice. At CEREC® Seminars Dental Lab, we are committed to providing a full range of supplemental products and services to make your practice as successful as possible. We are CEREC® experts informed by our founder, Dr. Sarah Jockin, DDS. We utilize the highly advanced CEREC® MC X5 mill to fabricate all of our products.

Advanced Products to Increase Patient Satisfaction

Esthetic Full-Contour Zirconia
Multi-unit Bridges
Digital Dentures
Custom Abutments

Supplemental Services

Expert Design
Multi-unit Surgical Guides


We are proud to offer numerous seminars throughout the year. Learn thorough knowledge and take full advantage of your CEREC® system. These learning opportunities are unlike any other continuing education events and will allow you to confidently implement your newly gained information into your CEREC® workflow.

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